What things to consider when starting a pet photography business

If you are a pet lover and have a passion for photography, then you can start your own pet photography business. You can start it right from your home. It is a very self-rewarding business and you will enjoy it. The demand for pet photography is growing. People now understand the important role pets play in their lives and they want to capture the best moments of their pets. Here are the things you need to start the business.


It is expensive to buy a good equipment, but you should remember that it’s a good investment and it will last for years. You will need more than one camera for backup purposes. You should buy accessories like lenses, flashes, tripods, reflectors, etc. You can take some pictures with natural background. But you also need a backdrop stand if you want to work indoors. You should have different kinds of props as well. You should stock up treats and toys to get the pet’s attention. This will help in your photography.

Experience and technique

If you don’t have any professional degree in photography, you should start taking some classes to learn the basics of photography. There are local colleges that offer photography classes. You can also be an apprentice of an experienced photographer. You should learn about lighting, shutter speed, angles, flash, etc.


You can offer a number of services. You can offer studio photography or outdoor photo sessions. You can come up with various photo packages according to the timing and number of photographs taken. You can take photos at dog shows or pet adoption events. You can also take photos of pets for advertisements of various pet products. You can sell photos for stock photography collections.


You can offer various packages of different prices. The price may depend on the length of the photography session and the size of the images printed. You can vary rates according to the location of photo session as well. Make sure your rates are competitive and affordable.


You should advertise your pet photography business to get more clients. You can print flyers and business cards and leave them in pet-related stores. You can place ads in magazines. Word of mouth referral is very important in this business. You can write a blog or open a Facebook page for your business. You should have a nice website where people can get all the information they need to know about your business.

You should focus on providing high-quality photos at competitive prices. Once people start to recognize your business, you will get many customers who will come to you through recommendations. Pet photography is a very lucrative business and there is huge potential to earn lots of money.

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