We provide outstanding pet photography services. We offer pet photography session to capture the image of your pet in both studio and natural environment. We give you lovely portraits that you can cherish for a lifetime. Here are the services we provide.

Dog photography

We provide you personal and friendly service. We offer dog photography sessions. We start our session by knowing your dog so that we can capture the best moments of your dog. We pick a location where your dog will be most convenient. If your dog is active, we will shoot outdoors. If your dog is shy then we can take the photos in our studio.

Cat photography

We love working with cats. Before taking their photographs, we try to understand their personality. We want to capture them in such a way that it reflects their personality. We first discuss with you how you want the photographs to be taken. Then we plan the best way to take the photographs.

Whole day photography

This service is perfect for your pet. They get to stay in their natural environment and capture their photographs in different moments of the day. We try to make a story about your pet from these photographs.

We encourage the owner to be part of the photograph as it shows the bond you have with your pet. We advise you to come for a consultation before the actual shooting day so that we can understand your need and get an idea about the personality of your pet. This makes our work easier. We hope to see you soon!