About us
American Bulldog is a pet photography company. It is not only our job but our passion as well. We understand that professional pet photography needs lots of patience and dedication.
Our Services
We provide outstanding pet photography services. We offer pet photography session to capture the image of your pet in both studio and natural environment.
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We know how to settle them in our studio or capture their photographs outdoors. So, if you want to have your pet on the frame, then please contact us.

About American Bulldog

The competition for pet photography is high now. There are many photographers to choose from. If you are looking for a pet photographer to capture the best photos of your pets, then you should choose the photographer carefully. We are in this business for more than 10 years now. We have won a number of awards as well in pet photography.

Here, we not only capture the looks of your pets, we capture their soul and spirit as well. We are here to provide the best customer service and experience for you and your pet.

How it works

Once you are satisfied that you want to go with us, you need to fill out a booking form with your preferred date. Timing is very important for photography. We prefer late afternoon, as the light is perfect at that time. Early morning sessions are also good. After you have signed the booking form and paid for the session, we will start our session on the scheduled date.


Our full session fee is $250. This includes studio or natural light photography. We will shoot for two hours and produce more than 40 images. You can choose from these images. We also provide a short session for $125. This is a 30-minute photography session where we will capture more than 20 photographs of your pet.


You are welcome to bring your own accessories or choose from our line. We have a large variety of collars, leashes and other props that are made available to you at no additional cost. Through our partnership with Yippr we are able to provide you with some of the latest dog supplies on the market for your photos.

We believe that precious memories last forever. Through our photographs, your pet will always live in your hearts. We are passionate about pet photography. You will treasure our photographs all your life.